Social Responsibility

Responsibility for the environment and climate change is our goal!


Environmental responsibility

As a family company, we pay great attention to people and society.

We received the Lean & Green Award in the Netherlands for achieving a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions. We are always looking for innovation; making our transport services smarter for your benefit.

We feel responsible for the environment and climate change, which motivates us to undertake activities that will contribute to reducing the negative impact on the planet.

We engage in local society

Having an impact on local commatities, we support and engageing in the following activities:

– we support the Drivers for Children campaign 

– we participate in a campaign to support disabled children (Niegolewo).

– we help as part of the "Zdążać z Pomoc" and "I Have a Dream" programs

– we collect gifts for the "Gaj" shelter and Ukraine

We believe that such actions are necessary for our sociation. They lead to healthier relationships and a stronger sense of belongingatness

Code of ethics

Dasko Group pays special attention to responsibilityince and honestying ć. Ethical principles accompany us in all relationships and at every stage of the supply chain.

We continually update our approach to business ethics and ensure that our conduct is consistent with applicable regulations, standards and expectations of our employees, customers and suppliers. For the safetyofeveryone, we acting the spirit of Fair Play and perform our work reliably and comformally >involvementing.