Our fleet

A characteristic feature of our fleet are blue ice floes on the cars. Our equipment is new, well-kept and meets the latest requirements


Our fleet

Dasko is proud to have a modern and sustainable fleet with a variety of refrigerated trailers, all of FRC quality. A special and innovative addition to our fleet are our eco-friendly LHV station wagons.

These combinations provide even greater CO2 savings. We also have new Cool Trailers, they are equipped with advanced cooling technologies. This allows us to protect products during transport in an environmentally friendly and very efficient way.

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Workshop and car wash

We have our own workshop and a washing facility for trucks and trailers, where we can wash our rolling stock in accordance with applicable guidelines under ISO22000 (food safety).

Maintenance of our equipment takes place in our own garage. A team of qualified mechanics ensures the excellent condition of the fleet. Our workshop also carries out MOT and STEK inspections.


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An ecological future

To further emphasize our commitment to sustainable development, from 2024 we will expand our fleet with electric trucks.

These zero emission vehicles allow us to further reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a greener future.ści. 

To make optimal use of our new electric trucks, we need a well-functioning infrastructure. Therefore, at the end of 2023, we will start work in this area in Zwolle.